Web Based

Cliquidity - Intentional Networking

Design, Development and support of this cloud based application. Consisting of social network integration, big database with highly scalable search.

Cliquidity gives users the opportunity to learn more about themselves, explore their social networks and discover interesting people or career opportunities using psychometric assessments. In a sense we are all lifelong recruiters, looking for the right people to build relationships with for different purposes at different times.

Gradnet - Collaboration platform

Design and development of the complete cloud solution.

Embedded in the platform is Google's full collaboration toolset, with calendars, real-time online document-sharing, contacts, Google Talk, etc. Get a direct link to business and industry via the institutional custom-branded Gradnet portal and establish strategic partnerships, position the institution, and nurture relationships in a practical, cost-effective and scalable environment.

Off-line client for E-learning

The need for off-line learning has been an e-learning requirement for the North West University and University of South Africa (UNISA) for a long time. The need arose from the cost of connectivity and the bandwidth in South Africa. South African connectivity costs have decreased over the past few years, but it is still high compared to other countries. Dial-up users tend to spend as little time as possible on-line by downloading information for offline reading.

The Sakai Solo tool makes announcements, resources and e-guides available to learners off-line. The Sakai web interface is replaced with a rich Google Web Toolkit interface. This Windows-like interface is more familiar to users and eliminates browser refreshes. The user is notified when site content is possibly outdated. Only changed and new content is downloaded during the synchronization process.

RedImages website

This is a stock photo website. Photographers can register for free and upload their digital photos. Visitors can then register and buy photos using credits. Credits are bought using real-time e-commerce. The system is written in PHP with a MySQL database.

Some of the features include:

  • Integration with a South African e-commerce provider
  • Registration of photographers and visitors wanting to buy photos.
  • Photographers can manage uploaded photos and view their sales commission.
  • Listing of the most popular and latest photos.