Cloud development

10+ years experience in the development of cloud-based applications and databases using Google AppEngine for JAVA, Google Datastore and Google BigQuery. We also make use of Azure Cloud Services, Azure Amazon Web EC2 servers and Elastic Beanstalk. These environments offer excellent scalability when you need it, and high up-times.

Cloud databases include Google Datastore, Firebase and Cloud SQL, Azure SQL and Amazon DynamoDB.

Advanced solutions

  • Mathematical/statistical calculation using native coding or tools like R-Stat.

  • Data visualizations using d3, heat maps, GIS systems, Big-data analysis.

  • Google Maps integration and data visualization, navigation and directions.

  • Embedded software development for devices like the Arduino, ESP8266 and Raspberry PI.

Mobile app development

  • Cost effective mobile development using hybrid technologies like Ionic and Cordova/Capacitor.

  • These hybrid apps can run as native Android and iOS apps and also as normal websites.