Windows based

South African Jockey Colourset program

This program was developed to easily design coloursets for jockeys, i.e. the colours and patterns of the clothes they wear during a race. There are literally thousands of combinations of coloursets that can be made using just a few colours and a few patterns. There are also certain rules that must be applied when designing a set. There are also inbuilt checks for duplications, so that jockeys are easily distinguishable, even from a distance.

A database holds all the colourset specification. In fact, all the information to reconstruct a colourset is in the colourset database. The patterns are stored as Enhanced Metafiles (emf) and are loaded, layered, and filled with a specific colours when viewed. The colourset application is therefore totally customizable for any other application where sets must be designed from a repository of colours and patterns.

EchoFilter - Digital Audio Filtering Software

Written in Delphi 5. The product is another Computec initiative. It is sold internationally as a shareware product.

EchoFilter uses the soundcard of a PC to process incoming audio signals in real-time. The narrow filter bandwidth allows the extraction signals and sounds from the audio signal that may normally be close to inaudible. The real-time spectrum analyzer and spectrogram gives the user an excellent visualization of the audio. The program also includes an automatic gain control, frequency shifting, graphic equalizer, audio compressor and expander, wave file player and recorder and noise reduction filters.

It is intended for radio HAMS, hobbyists, researchers, scientists and students in the DSP field. Uses include weak signal detection, surveillance, audio cleanup, SETI operations, etc.

Features include:

    1. Adjustable maximum audible frequency range up to 16 kHz (32 KHz sampling rate)
    2. Ultra sharp digital filter down to 20 Hz. High pass, low pass, band pass and stop band filters. Non-technical and extremely easy to use.
    3. Spectrum analyzer with adjustable resolution and virtual scrollable display. Maximum resolution is 7 Hz.
    4. Spectrogram with same resolution as the spectrum analyzer. Configurable color palette with continuous color gradient for a very smooth display. The Spectrogram can be scrolled vertically to 2200 pixels. Horizontal length is determined only by available memory and can vary from 3 minutes to 25 minutes (there are 8 lines in a second).
    5. Adjustable automatic gain control of input signal.
    6. Real-time frequency shifting (spectral shifting). Enables very low and high frequencies to be made audible.
    7. Real-time audio compressor and expander with adjustable threshold and gain.
    8. Graphic equalizer. Also functions as a series of adjustable band filters.

SCADA - Control System

The introduction of the PC with control and data acquisition software opened new doors to the industry. The traditional PLC control-system can now be replaced with a PC control program and a few ADAM modules. This SCADA control system, combined with a radio data link system produced a product with a large market value due to its relatively low cost. The system is also relatively easy to install and operate. The combination and integration of specialized software and self manufactured electronic components is very powerful and cost-effective (in this case).

The interface allows the user to create control and display objects on the screen. These objects can then be linked via parameters. Control is established by interfacing the SCADA system with an ADAM control unit that can receive and transmit control signals to other units up to 5 km apart.