Cloud based applications

Specialised know-how in the development of cloud based applications and databases. We make use of Google's cloud solutions. These solutions offer very good scalability and up-times. And more recently, Google BigQuery offers super fast searching in huge databases.

Web Based Applications

We can add functionality to an existing website, or develop a new website from scratch. Our focus is more on the business logic, rather than the graphics design. We love PHP and MySQL. Here are a few examples:

  • Registering user email addresses to a database to send out a monthly newsletter.
  • Member registration and login for secure areas of your website.
  • Asking visitors to complete a survey with the results downloaded to a spreadsheet.
  • Adding a search function to your website.
  • A shopping cart with the ability to buy items from your website.

Consultation services

Desktop Applications

Although there are a lot of software applications available off-the-shelf, there is a need for customized Windows applications. This may range from small utility programs to larger multi-user systems.